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Packaging Supplies for Removal

Whether you’re moving home or relocating to a new office, Romford Removals offers all the packaging supplies you’ll need to safely and secure the load up your possessions.

Alongside our removal and packing services, we supply high quality packaging materials for goods of any size: from documents to furniture and from pianos to electrical items.

With affordable low prices and high-quality materials, you can be sure of fantastic value when you choose our removal specialists in Romford.

We will deliver all the packaging supplies directly to you for your convenience, and we’ve got a wide range for you to choose from. Call or email Romford Removals now for more information.

Take a look at the packaging supplies we can offer. Not sure what’s right for your move? Call our removal team, or arrange an on-site consultation to discuss your move. We can help you to plan what you’ll need, and advise you on materials and quantities.


Cardboard Boxes

The budget-friendly, convenient choice for any home move, cardboard boxes are a fantastic way to group smaller items, protect electrical equipment and organise all belongings by room or by owner. We’ve got cardboard boxes in a huge variety of sizes and shapes – perfect for student moves, home relocations and domestic clearances.


Plastic Boxes

Undertaking a big move? Need to transport large quantities of electrical equipment and other delicate items? Plastic boxes offer greater protection than their cardboard counterparts and can handle much larger weights easily. If you’re looking for plastic boxes for your move, contact Romford Removals and place your order.


Bubble Wrap

When you’re goods are in transit, you’ll want to be sure that they’re protected. Bubble wrap is designed to create a cushion around your belongings, protecting furniture and other items from scratches, cracks and other surface damage. Bubble wrap can also prevent damage during the move as it acts as padding for loose items in boxes.


Packing Tape

From sealing boxes to keeping items together, packing tape is essential during any house move. Strong and reliable, it’s perfect for fastening up cardboard boxes and for attaching dismantled furniture components together. This ensures no parts are lost during your move.


Protective Covers

Moving antique furniture or delicate paintings? Transporting your piano to a new location? If you’re moving delicate items and are concerned about their safety, order protective covers from Romford Removals. Covers will keep your goods safe from the elements and protected against dirt, scratches and other aesthetic issues.


Document Folders and Archive Boxes

Moving your business to a new building? Need to safely and securely transport files, folders and other important documents? Romford Removals can provide packaging supplies for commercial moves. We have document folders and boxes designed for easy labelling and to keep confidential documents secure.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote!